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Amazon Product Data Entry Services

We at Catalog Processing India can effectively and conveniently help you to add, edit and manage your listings with great efficacy if you are selling products on Amazon marketplace or are looking to start doing the same. Our Amazon product upload specialists are equally equipped in creating items that are both listed and non-listed. We manage with total command bulk upload spreadsheets and CSV feeds so that your shoppers get to have quality content.

Amazon Product Entry You are bound to save a lot of labour as well as precious time when you outsource your Amazon product upload services to us. You also get these valuable services at an affordable pricing and with a timely delivery.

Some of the Amazon Product Upload and Amazon Product Listing tasks performed by our experts with phenomenal success are:

Search Item- Prior to Adding: Our richly experienced catalogue management team look out on Amazon for the item you wish to sell before adding it to your account. If an exact match of the item is found, the details of the same are leveraged, lest; fresh product with available information is added. Attributes such as edition, size, colour, fabric, etc. are checked minutely during the matching process.

Select Or Describe Condition: We help minimize the return of orders by accurately delineating in descriptive fashion the details of products and item condition so that buyers can get the exact and correct information about a product before buying.

Set Product Quantity and Price: In order to ensure you get the maximum profit we can regularly check Amazon’s ‘General Pricing Rules’. It aids us in adjusting the pricing of your items from time to time after calculating Amazon fees and shipping rates. We also simply put the pricing and quantity as suggested or given by you for each product.

Choose a Shipping Method: Our highly skilled group of experts at Catalog Processing India select a shipping method with utmost caution and care for selling item from the options like Domestic Standard, One-Day Domestic, Two-Day Domestic, Domestic Expedited, etc. We are also very much well-versed in using FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) services for your account on recommendation.

Set SKU, Brand and Manufacturer: We assist you in creating and assigning SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) for your items on Amazon. We help you through our services to locate an item on the inventory management rather quickly even after it is sold. Brand and manufacturer are also assigned by us so that the correct product can be chosen by your shoppers with ease from your listings.

Quality Review: Our experts meticulously checks and cross-verifies all fields to make it certain that everything is absolutely accurate prior to adding or confirming item on Amazon. Only after being entirely sure and totally satisfied with the quality of all fields that we create or publish item under your account or channel.

Highlights of Catalog Processing India’s Amazon Product Data Entry Services include Product Title Creation, Accurate Product Categorization, Cropping, Resizing, Editing and Image Extraction, Writing easy-to-understand and to-the-point Product Descriptions, Amazon Bulk Listing, Identifying and Inserting Search Terms, Data Entry in CSV Files, etc.

Our experts are a class-apart when it comes to fitting products in apt categories and sub-categories. All the guidelines of Amazon are what we strictly adhere to in each stage and segment of our services. By entrusting us with your Amazon product upload services you are assured of full confidentiality, competitive cost, great quality and fast turnaround time.

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