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eBay Product Data Entry Services

eBay is one of the most renowned and milestone online marketing site of the digital world. Many consider it the pioneer of online shopping and trading. In eBay people generally buy products, sell products, exchange them and also trade used or recycled goods. The inventory of eBay is one of the largest warehouses of the world funnelled through the digital globe. We at Catalog Processing India are the customers' choice for performing hassle free marketing at eBay platform. The services rendered by our firm are, in actuality, processing of crude information about the product into a polished & comprehensive description.

eBay Product Entry ServicesThe house uses tools like Auctiva, Turbo Lister etc. to upload the product with ease and efficiency. This helps in deliverance of superlative product listing in eBay for any search. The detailing of the products is done with high precision so that the spreadsheet and back-end of clients eBay account is always updated. The products are also categorized under the type of selling formats like bidding, discount, special offer price or plain and simple MRP.

The major pros of Catalog Processing India in providing eBay Product Listing Services are discussed below.

Search for Similar Items : Before uploading a product for the client our team browses the eBay for similar items. If such product is found we use and improvise the product details found, and if not then we simply put a unique product description for the listing.

Choose a Category : We enlist the client's product with strategic categorization. We try to put the product under most relevant category which helps in targeting potential buyer and consequently increases the selling chance of the product.

Specifies Item Condition: We try to keep the description of the product as transparent as possible by accurately defining the current product condition. This helps in reduction of return sale numbers.

Select Listing Duration: We help the client to gain maximum profit. So enlisting a product with appropriate duration is must because more the duration more is the charge. Our team always provide for double checking process.

Choose Payment Methods : We let the clients and their customers have a smooth transaction process by providing for suitable payment gateway options like PayPal, Merchant Credit Card, etc.

Specifies Return Policy : We advise our clients to make their return policies flexible as most buyers prefer shopping with return policy in tow. Though it is advisable to make the return policy appropriate with the type of product.

Listing review: We take into the review aspect with utmost care as the level of description accuracy and formation is the USP of the product sale. So we always double check, even triple check the information before final eBay uploading.

The activities we are engaged in related to eBay Product Data Entry Services are Adding Item Specifics, Creating Product Title and Description, Product Upload on Remote System (with saved login and passwords), Tracking Competitor Prices, Product Picture, Resizing, Editing and Uploading, Order Processing and Order Tracing, Data Entry into CSV Spreadsheet Templates, Inserting Unique Identifiers (e.g. UPCs, EANs, ISBNs, MPNs), Specifying Postage Costs and Locations.

It goes without saying that we strictly adhere to eBay marketplace guidelines perfectly and give your buyers a fascinating shopping experience. So by outsourcing your eBay product upload services to us you can not only have a headache free experience but also can concentrate on your main business aspect and drawing of more customers into it and thereby gain a handy edge over your competitors.

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