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Magento Product Entry Services

Catalog Processing India can comprehensively manage your online store while you are using Magneto as your ecommerce platform. We provide a large array of magneto product data entry and back office support services at amazingly affordable rates.

Magento Product Data Entry ServicesOur skilled experts at Catalog Processing India are endowed with the ability to upload product information with perfect accuracy on your magneto platform which is collected from different sources on the web like physical catalogue, scanned images, manufacturer website, etc. They are also proficient in locating incomplete or missing product details from the internet and other pertinent sources.

Our experts are well-experienced in different industry niches like shoes, sports goods, antique items, apparel, healthcare industry, etc.

The following are the magneto based online store management tasks performed by them with complete authority:

Product Data Entry: Simple, configurable and grouped products are entered by our magneto product data entry professionals with utmost accuracy and precision into your shopping cart back-end system. In order to accelerate the product uploading process, methods like ‘bulk upload’ and ‘image batch upload’ can also be employed.

Category Management: We assist you in adding, editing and deleting product categories or sub-categories. Our magneto product upload team comprises of highly skilled and proficient experts who can create category names, category images and category descriptions. With the pursuit of providing your buyers with a navigation hint, we incorporate descriptive category titles and images.

Creating Product Attribute: It is highly desirable that a user gets to have a user-friendly and a hassle-free shopping experience. With this purpose in view, we customize product characteristics and other determinable aspects assiduously. Our experts are specially gifted and can create and update various attributes like that of color, shape, size, make, model, fabric, etc. Barring that, our team is also well-versed with managing listings for upselling and cross-selling.

Image Editing and Upload: Any and all sort of assistance is provided by our product image editing team when it comes to cropping, resizing, editing and thereby enhancing product pictures prior to uploading them on the magneto inventory. On special purposes, thumbnail, zoom view and normal images are also created. For giving the users even further enhanced experience and attracting potential buyers various angled images of the product are also uploaded.

Adding Product Tags: Having a tag on products can benefit you in more ways than one. Not only does it help to find a product easily and quickly but it also to a certain extent on many occasions encourages the user to go on and make a purchase on your store. This adding of tags to your products is also done by our magneto product data entry experts.

Managing Product Reviews: In today’s age of digitization online reviews does play a pivotal part. Our pool of experts helps you in by editing and/or deleting unfavorable and unpleasant comments/remarks regarding your product(s) posted by customers. Moreover, we efficiently handle the customer ratings and reviews for all of your products.

Product URL Re-writing: With the objective of bettering the chances of getting top page rankings on SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) we write SEO friendly product page URL’s by putting product ID, name, make, color, size, model in the URL for making it more descriptive and also responsive.

Inventory Management: For enabling you to take required action with regard to stock management, we constantly monitor products’ quantity and selection availability on your magneto store.

Magneto End-to-End Back Office Support: Other than the afore-mentioned tasks that we perform we are also diligent in order tracking, order processing, book keeping, email or live chat customer support (24x7), competitor price monitoring and analysis and any other essential day-to-day activities.

So do not wait but count on us for your magneto product data entry services and stay fully focused on your business without having to worry about anything else.

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