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Product Photo Editing Services

Product images have an important part to play because they provide the buyer with a real feel of the actual item and its true characteristics and details. As it is not possible to try and touch the products on an ecommerce platform but to only view them the role of images assume a massive significance in this context to attract the visitors and customers.

Product Photo Editing Services We at Catalog Processing India are prudent enough to comprehend and realise this and thereby make all effort to improve the quality of images making them fit for your ecommerce store. We also strictly maintain consistency when it comes to format and style on your shopping cart by resorting to resizing, cropping, etc.

We furnish a plethora of image editing services such as the following:

Background Removal: We are expert in removing unnecessary and unwanted background images from product images without any loss in the overall quality of the product image itself as images with hazy background can well affect the viewers’ attention from the main object.

Colour Correction: With an endeavour to make the look more captivating we can adjust the various colour attributes of your products like brightness, contrast, sharpness, shadows, etc. In order to make the colour go well with a certain variant section we also replace the colours of images.

Image Masking: Our image editing teams with their high level of skill and proficiency can enhance the quality of the product photos y using different image masking techniques such as layer masking, channel masking, transparent/translucent masking, etc.

Clipping Path: Our extremely talented pool of experts are well-adept in simple, complex, super complex and multi-channel clipping path services. Removing unwanted objects or articles from product images is done with great efficiency and effectiveness by our group of professionals so that the key items get potential buyers’ attention.

Image Cleaning: Our photo editing team have developed special expertise in removing any kind of scratches, spots and dust that may exist on your products to ensure that your customers get to have the best viewing experience of products on your ecommerce store.

Photo Retouching: Our professional experts retouch your product photos for brightness adjustment, colour tone correction, blemishes repair and contrast tuning and all these are done by using advanced Photoshop tools.

Watermark Removal: It is truly an uphill and cumbersome task requiring a lot of effort and patience removing watermark from products. Moreover, an out-and-right knowledge of Photoshop tools is a must in this regard as well. Our experts at Catalog Processing India proficiently remove simple and complex watermarks with considerable amount of ease for they have in-depth knowledge of Photoshop tools.

Cropping & Resizing: The product image editing team at Catalog Processing India can help you in cropping and resizing of product photos flawlessly. All the images are resized in such a manner that ideal thumbnail; normal and zoom view can be obtained. Furthermore, our experts also delete undesirable and unwanted objects, borders, articles, blank spaces, etc. from product pictures.

There are various industry niches that we serve and have been serving over the years like that of electronics, furniture, automobile, sports and plenty more.

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